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Planters Hosts Food Event

The Atlanta Underground Market held their most recent feast at Planters.  This gathering of individuals with a common interest – eating –  gives vendors the opportunity to share their dishes and serves as an incubator for culinary start-ups.  The event provides a multitude of sensory dishes, gives the participants’ valuable feedback, and at the popular booths, creates profits for the cooks.  We visited Julie on her Doctor Princess blogsite and got great photos and commentary of the event.

The Atlanta Underground Market gathered at Planters at a recent feast.

As quoted in a telling article in The New York Times, “Some see the growth of the underground markets as part of a high renaissance of awareness for a Fast Food Nation generation, with its antipathy for the industrial food machine. In the recesses of the markets, a certain self-expressive, do-it-yourself “craft-ness” flourishes.”
Key lime pop at the Atlanta Underground Market event.

The cost to get into the event is $3, and the vendors set their own prices for their food, typically from $1 - $5.

To find out information about the next delicious gathering, visit .

Photos courtesy of Julie, Doctor Princess .

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